Car Seat and Booster Safety – Information for Families

Posted On December 2, 2016 In Personal injury
As a parent, nothing is more important than keeping your child safe from harm. Whether sound asleep in a crib or traveling in a car seat, your child’s safety depends on you – a treasured burden of every parent. As you consider how you can best protect your family, perhaps one of the most...

You Could Be Paying More for Car Insurance Than Someone with a DUI

Posted On November 9, 2016 In Personal injury
When it comes to car insurance, the majority of drivers have one goal in common: to get as much coverage for as little money as possible. If you’re like the majority of Americans, the care you take while driving each day is as much about keeping your monthly premium down as it is about...

Sleepy Teens More Accident Prone

Posted On October 27, 2016 In Personal injury
Are teenagers lazy? Their penchant for sleeping through a school morning alarm and spending the entire weekend in bed is sometimes chalked up to lack of motivation. Research shows that sleepy teens are actually suffering from chronic sleep deprivation. Not only does this drowsy condition affect their performance in school and their behavior at...

Do You Need an Attorney If Someone Crashed into You?

Posted On October 4, 2016 In Personal injury
Over the years, the attorneys at The Flood Law Firm have handled hundreds of car accident cases and have heard just about every question a car crash victim can ask. We are always happy to talk to car crash victims and help them understand their rights. Even in a situation where the crash was...

Drunk Driving: Criminal vs. Civil Cases

Posted On September 27, 2016 In Personal injury
Drunk driving and the resulting car accidents are a huge problem in our country. Every day 28 Americans die in alcohol-related vehicle accidents, according to the Center for Disease Control. That is an astounding 1 death every 53 minutes. Drunk Driving Facts If you’ve been the victim of a drunk driving accident, knowing that...

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