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Hartford Wrongful Death Attorney

At The Flood Law Firm, we understand how difficult the untimely death of a loved one can be. This is a devastating loss that no family should have to endure. If the worst happens, however, our attorneys are here for you in your time of need. Our Hartford wrongful death attorneys provide compassionate support and legal assistance when clients need us the most. We are passionate about bringing negligent parties to justice – especially when negligence turns fatal. Discuss your wrongful death case with one of our lawyers today. Request a free consultation at (860) 346-2695.

Why Hire Our Hartford Wrongful Death Attorneys?

  • We founded The Flood Law Firm out of a sincere desire to help the injured. We focus solely on personal injury cases, so that we may provide the highest quality legal representation to our clients in their time of need.
  • Our attorneys go the extra mile to obtain maximum compensation for our clients. Our reputation in the courtroom helps us settle cases quicker and for higher amounts, but we are fully prepared go to trial when we need to.
  • We are dedicated wrongful death lawyers with a track record of success. You can have total peace of mind in the skill of your attorney when you hire The Flood Law Firm.
  • We accept all wrongful death clients on a contingency fee basis. This means we will only bill you our attorney’s fees if we are successful in getting you a settlement or jury verdict.

Why You Need a Wrongful Death Lawyer

You don’t have to go through this difficult time alone.  After the death of a loved one, an attorney can help protect your families best interests and handle the entire legal process.  At The Flood Law Firm, we begin building wrongful death claims by conducting a thorough investigation into the incident.  We can help you identify who is legally responsible for the death of your loved one and, while no amount of money can replace them, properly calculate the financial ramifications and future implications of that loss.

Do You Have a Wrongful Death Case?

If you recently lost a loved one in an accident that was caused by another person, you likely have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. Even if the responsible party didn’t mean to kill your loved one, he or she could be liable for your family’s losses if the accident was a result of recklessness or negligence.  Speaking with an attorney about your situation is the best way to fully understand your legal options.

What Are Connecticut’s Wrongful Death Laws?

In Connecticut, there are several important laws that affect wrongful death cases.  A basic understanding of them may help ensure you don’t miss your opportunity to file a claim.

Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitations is a law limiting how much time you have to file a claim. In Connecticut, the statute of limitations on wrongful death cases is generally two years from the date of the person’s death. Depending on several factors, your deadline could be sooner or later than this, however, so contact a Hartford lawyer without delay.

Rules on Who Can File

The law in Connecticut states that only an executor or administrator of the deceased person’s estate can file a wrongful death claim. If your loved one didn’t leave behind a will, the courts will appoint this position to someone in your family. The executor will file on behalf of other surviving loved ones.

Compensation Available

Recovery during a wrongful death case is not the same as a personal injury case. In Connecticut, a family could receive compensation for funeral and burial costs, medical bills up to the time of death, legal fees, the victim’s pain and suffering, and the family’s mental anguish.

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If you’ve lost a loved one, call today to discuss the details of your particular case with our lawyer. At The Flood Law Firm, we know that compensation won’t right the wrong your family has suffered. We hope, however, that it can provide some peace of mind during this tough time and help you move forward. Contact us today for a free consultation in Hartford.