How to Tell if You Have a Concussion from a Car Accident

Posted On May 15, 2023 Personal injury
A concussion from a car accident can be severe if left untreated. They qualify as mild traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and can warrant legal compensation even if they do not result in long-term damage. Do you know how to tell if you have a concussion and the steps you can take to aid your recovery?...

Neck Injuries from a Car Accident – Soft Tissue Damage

Posted On May 1, 2023 Personal injury
The violent forces of a crash and traumatic blows that a car occupant can suffer often result in a wide range of neck injuries, including sprains, strains, herniated discs, fractures, and spinal cord damage. However, many car accident victims who suffer neck injuries often have difficulty recovering compensation for their medical expenses and lost...

What Are the Dangers of Speeding?

Posted On March 24, 2023 Car Accidents
No one can deny the dangers of speeding. Speeding causes hundreds of thousands of accidents each year across the country, including thousands of accidents throughout Connecticut. People who drive at excessive speeds put everyone on the road in danger, and speeding often makes car accidents more serious, resulting in higher rates of catastrophic injuries...

Car Accident Liability Cases

Posted On March 20, 2023 Uncategorized
A car accident can result in significant financial and personal losses. It can lead to expensive medical bills and growing debt if you’re unable to work due to accident injuries. If a car accident injured you, you may seek compensation from the parties who caused the crash. However, you must first establish who caused...

What Is the Most Common Accident at an Intersection?

Posted On February 20, 2023 Car Accidents
What is the most common accident at an intersection? An intersection accident is an everyday occurrence in Connecticut. Drivers need to be aware of their legal rights if they are injured while approaching or while driving through an intersection. Reach out to a car accident lawyer for more information. Statistics from the Connecticut Crash...

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