The Risk of Dangerously Quiet Electric Cars

Driving an electric or hybrid car is an honorable action undertaken by millions of commuters each day. It reduces noise and stress, and most importantly, helps preserve the environment.

When it comes to safety, however, taking to the road in one of these quiet runners comes with a heightened risk; not necessarily for the drivers, but for those in close proximity of the cars.

Can a Car Be Too Quiet?

silent risk of electric vehiclesAn electric car has a noiseless battery that charges the vehicle, while a hybrid uses both electricity and a back-up gas engine. Both vehicles are exceptionally quiet, inside and out, and exert a faint hum if one really listens. This makes it very difficult for nearby pedestrians and cyclists to hear the approaching vehicle. Continue reading

What To Do When Deer Are On The Road

Wintertime means deer season in Connecticut, and for drivers, this means a new hazard could be lurking around the corner. If you aren’t prepared to handle the wild fauna that refuse to obey the rules of the road, you could wind up in a dangerous situation. While many instinctively panic and swerve away from animals like deer in the road, a recent news report advised against this. There is a safer way for Connecticut drivers to handle deer on the road.

what to do when an animal crosses the roadWhen Animals Cross the Road

December marks the end of mating season for deer. Not even the blinding headlights and whirring sounds of a busy road will stop these animals from fulfilling nature’s intentions. Deer season also coincides with Daylight Savings Time, when days become darker much earlier and road visibility is reduced to a minimum. These factors combined can make for dangerous road conditions, but proper preparation could help you avoid a devastating vehicle collision. Continue reading

How to Get Your Accident Report

Getting Your Police Report in Connecticut


Getting into a car accident is stressful enough, but not knowing what to do after it happens can make the situation seem overwhelming. What you do directly following an accident significantly impacts your ability to seek compensation for damages.

If you’re a Connecticut driver and you’ve recently been involved in a collision, an accident report is counted as factual evidence to support your account of the wreck in a court of law. It is easy to do and critical for your legal protection. The following page offers a quick guide for how to get an accident report in the state of Connecticut.

Steps To Requesting Your Accident Report

When a collision happens, there are negligent drivers who may go to extreme lengths to avoid paying for the harm they’ve caused. Without valid evidence to prove otherwise, it’s possible for the other party to make false claims about what happened. Continue reading

Connecticut’s Most Dangerous Roads

dangerous-roads-in-connecticutThere’s no doubt that Connecticut offers some of the most scenic country roads, thriving metropolitan areas, and historic markers in the nation. But along with the state’s vibrant attractions comes an aging infrastructure, increased traffic, and distracted drivers. All of these elements are substantial contributors to the small state’s high rate of traffic and pedestrian accidents.

In fact, several organizations have reportedly ranked Connecticut’s roads – both in and out of the city – as being some of the worst in the nation. Sadly, the Connecticut Crash Data Repository run by the University of Connecticut reported that 311 people lost their lives on Connecticut highways in 2016. This is the highest number in four years. Continue reading

7 Tips for Smart & Safe Holiday Decorating

avoid injury decorating your home during holidays

The holidays are here, and for many, winter festivities begin by retrieving heavy boxes marked “Christmas” from the attic.

Between holiday shopping for your loved ones and competing with your neighbors for the brightest outdoor light display, you might feel rushed while getting your house up to par for Good Ol’ Saint Nick. But the time-honored trimming of the Christmas tree, the lighting of a menorah or the lining of rooftops with strings of brightly colored bulbs doesn’t come without its dangers.

Our goal in today’s blog is to simply bring out a few tips, and for a more in-depth list of DO’s and DONT’s, take a look at this page from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to a chairman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, last year there were about 240 visits to the emergency room every day during the holiday season for holiday-related injuries. The CPSP estimates that this year, 1,300 fires from Christmas trees and candles will occur, leading to 150 emergency room visits and up to 20 fatalities. The agency is encouraging holiday enthusiasts to remain attentive when decorating their homes.

Smart Tips for Safely Enjoying the Holidays

Prevention is the best plan of attack when it comes to staying safe during the holidays. The tips below will help ensure your holidays are filled with joy—not trips to the ER.
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How To Avoid Breaking Your Wrist In a Fall

No one likes to fall, but as we all know, it happens. In fact, according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, this common type of accident sends approximately 7.9 million individuals of all ages to U.S. emergency rooms each year.

injured falling

Could many of these falls have been prevented? Maybe not. The injuries, however, are a different story.

As strange as it may sound, falling correctly (yep, it’s a skill) can help avoid a broken wrist or other debilitating injuries, lost work days, lengthy recoveries, and mounting medical bills.

Should We Follow Our Instincts During a Fall?

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Stay Safe With These Winter Driving Tips

Winter Driving

Winter Holiday Driving Tips

The winter season is an exciting time of year. A lot of us travel to see friends and family. Maybe we’re lucky enough to break-up the winter blues with a vacation at a ski lodge, or a get-away to a balmy beach locale. This is a heavily traveled time of year, but road conditions are not always great.

Wintertime can be especially harsh on vehicles, roads, and the drivers who use them. Pavement erosion, inclement weather, poor visibility and unprepared vehicles and drivers can make winter commuting dangerous and unpredictable.

Are you ready for being out on the road during winter? Taking a few moments to prepare and protect your family against winter driving dangers is essential and could spare you from potential disaster. You can help ensure you and your family members are safe in the snow this season by taking a few simple precautions now.

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Daylight Savings Time Ends and Standard Time Brings More Darkness…..and Pedestrian Accidents: How to Protect Your Kids

No Time for Driver Negligence

daylight savings time 

The end of Daylight Savings Time (DST) in New England comes on the heels of Halloween, after the topic of child pedestrian safety is still fresh in the minds of many parents. The time change also shrouds neighborhoods in the afternoon and evening hours with dark skies, when children are walking home from school alongside tired Connecticut drivers meandering through neighborhoods on their way home from work, many who are driving just as fast as when it’s light out.

It’s important that children know how to safely travel on foot when the nights are longer; however, pedestrian-related accidents occurring around DST are ultimately tied back to driver negligence. Read on for more about how you can help make our streets safer for kids when it’s dark out.

How Drivers Can Help Keep Kids Safe

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Chronic Neck Pain Following an Injury

Are You Still Suffering From Whiplash Neck Pain?

whiplash neck pain injury

It’s quite common to experience some type of neck pain and stiffness following a car accident. Just the sheer force of impact can cause the entire body to tighten, let alone cause neck injuries that may not become evident for days, weeks, even months after the accident. Whiplash is the most common neck injury, but muscle tears, spinal fractures, and nerve damage can also occur, hide and gradually arise.

When symptoms appear after the fact, it’s not unusual to assume that the neck injury is minor and will heal with time; however, most often, symptoms linger, get worse, or appear in other parts of the body such as the back, head, shoulders, and limbs. Continue reading

Protecting Your Teen Driver

Keeping Your New Driver Safe on the Road

protect your new teen driver

If you’re ready to turn the car keys over to an eager teen, it’s quite possible your mind is teeming with questions and concerns about safety and how to protect your teen f: Will my teen be a safe driver? How can I protect my teen against reckless drivers? How can I prevent them from using their phone while driving? What’s the safest car my teenager can drive? Rest assured, there are a number of ways you can help prepare, protect and guide your son or daughter so they never have a car accident as a teen driver.

What’s a Parent to Do?

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