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Bridgeport Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence Lawyer

When you entrust your aging loved one to a nursing home, you expect that they will be safe and properly cared for. Unfortunately, nursing home residents regularly suffer at the hands of negligent and abusive staff members and caregivers. If your family believes this is happening to your loved one, then call our Bridgeport nursing home abuse lawyers today.

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At The Flood Law Firm, our attorneys are passionate about bringing justice to injured seniors in Bridgeport, CT. We believe victims of nursing home abuse and neglect are entitled to justice and compensation for what happened to them.

If your loved one has suffered negligence or abuse at a Bridgeport nursing home, contact us now for a free and confidential case evaluation.

Why Choose Us For Your Bridgeport Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?

  • Our firm was founded out of a passion for helping people. We believe that nursing home residents deserve to be treated well and with dignity.  When that does not happen, we will relentlessly fight for those affected.
  • We aggressively advocate for injured seniors and their families in the community. We are ready, willing, and able to take cases to trial and win when it is necessary in the pursuit of justice for your loved one.
  • We focus solely on personal injury cases, allowing us to devote the resources and time to successfully handle your case.
  • We represent all clients on a contingency fee basis. This means there are no upfront costs. You won’t pay legal fees if we don’t secure a recovery on your behalf.

What Is Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence?

When a nursing home doesn’t take proper care of its residents, it is often a result of negligence or abuse. Negligence might not be intentional, but it could still result in injured residents.  In a nursing home setting, negligence refers to a breach of the facility’s duties to care for its residents, such as the failure to provide proper nutrition. If another nursing home or staff member would have treated a resident differently, your loved one’s nursing home may have been negligent in the care they provided. Abuse, on the other hand, is the intentional injuring of a nursing home resident. The four main types of nursing home abuse are as follows:

  1. Physical. Physically harming an elderly nursing home resident, such as slapping, punching, or kicking the victim.
  2. Mental. Mentally or verbally abusing a resident, such as through belittlement, humiliation, improper use of restraints, or isolation.
  3. Sexual. Sexually assaulting, abusing, exploiting, raping, or attempting to rape a senior citizen while at a nursing home.
  4. Financial. Financially exploiting a nursing home resident to steal from him or her.

If you aren’t sure whether what your elderly loved one experienced is nursing home negligence or abuse, talk to our lawyers during a confidential initial consultation. We can thoroughly investigate the situation to look for signs of wrongdoing. If we find evidence of neglect or abuse, we can represent your loved one or family during a case against the at-fault nursing home in Bridgeport, CT.

How Much Does a Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Charge?

Don’t let the fear of how much a lawyer will cost stop you from getting the help you need for your loved one. At The Flood Law Firm, we are affordable and completely transparent with our legal fee arrangement. While you might not get a straight answer from another law firm, we’re happy to openly discuss our fees.

We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning we only charge attorney’s fees if we win financial compensation for your injuries. If we aren’t successful, we won’t charge any fees – plain and simple. If we do win, our fee comes out of the verdict or settlement accomplished, not out of your pocket. We promise you won’t ever pay us more than one-third, or 33.33%, of your total recovery.

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When your elderly loved one suffers from nursing home negligence or abuse, you aren’t alone. Our Bridgeport nursing home attorneys can help you fight for justice and the compensation you need and deserve. Call today to talk to a lawyer about your case in more detail. Request a free consultation in Bridgeport online or at (860) 346-2695. We typically respond within one hour during business hours, and no longer than one business day on weekends and holidays.

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