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Danbury Wrongful Death Attorneys

The untimely death of a loved one is one of the hardest things you can go through.  However, if their death was the result of a preventable accident, it can be even more difficult to process.

If you have recently lost a family member in an accident, our Danbury wrongful death attorneys can help.  While no amount of money can replace what you have lost, a wrongful death claim can be a step towards achieving justice for your loved one.

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Why Hire Our Danbury Wrongful Death Lawyers?

  • We are committed to providing effective and aggressive legal advocacy for injured people and their families in their time of need.
  • We have a thorough understand of the laws and legal process involved and have significant experience handling wrongful death cases.
  • We have a track record of successful results that shows tens of millions of dollars
  • We accept all Danbury, CT wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis.

What is a Wrongful Death? What Causes Wrongful Deaths in Danbury, CT?

Wrongful death is a type of personal injury claim that arises from a death due to someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or intent to harm. However, unlike personal injury cases, wrongful death claims are filed by the deceased person’s estate.  Wrongful death claims can recover damages for pain and suffering your loved one endured during the incident before they died, loss of future income, funeral and burial expenses, all medical bills associated with the accident, and loss of companionship.

Accidents that regularly cause wrongful deaths in Danbury include:

All wrongful death accidents share one thing in common: negligence. You might have a wrongful death case if someone’s negligence or recklessness led to your loved one’s fatal injury. It doesn’t matter if the rs meant to kill the victim or not. If the victim ultimately passed away from the negligence-related injury, the at-fault party will be financially responsible. If someone’s misconduct killed your loved one, you have grounds to file a claim. Discuss your particular wrongful death case in more detail with our Danbury attorneys today.

Should You Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney?

Wrongful death cases are complicated and typically have an enormous impact on families in Danbury. For these two reasons, you should absolutely speak with an attorney if you suspect your loved one’s death was a result of negligence. There are important filing deadlines and a significant investment required to properly build a case and prove the death was wrongful.

Additionally, there is just so much at stake in these cases. A wrongful death robs a family of something irreplaceable: a loved one’s life. You will never get another chance to achieve justice for what happened and a wrongful death claim is likely the best recourse to make sure that you aren’t left with medical and funeral debts as a result. If the negligent action was particularly wanton or egregious, a wrongful death claim may help prevent someone else from being killed as a result of the same behavior.  This is particularly true when a defective product or institutional negligence causes someone’s death.

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