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If this is your first time faced with a personal injury claim, you are not alone. Accidents can be sudden, severely painful, and incredibly frustrating when they are caused by another person’s carelessness.

What to do immediately after an accident or in the next few days may be confusing. Do you go to work? Go to the doctor? Rest at home?

Steps To Take After an Accident

If you have been in a serious accident and feel pain, it is recommended the first thing you do is to get medical assistance. Once a medical doctor has had time to review your condition, your next call should be to a Connecticut personal injury attorney that can help you understand your legal rights, and avoid the pitfalls incurred by others.

Accidents caused by another person’s recklessness are often referred to as “negligence.” From car collisions in Connecticut to slip and falls and vicious animal attacks, we may be harmed in any number of ways by a person’s negligence.

You have come to the right place for help and guidance. On this page, we have prepared information to assist you and questions to be sure to ask whether you choose to hire our law firm or another of your choice.

Our personal injury lawyers are here to listen to your story. We offer 100% free, confidential consultations to help you understand your legal rights in the state of Connecticut. If your injury occurred outside of Connecticut, we may also be able to assist you.

Personal injury claims may become complex legal matters. While the law requires at-fault parties to pay a victim’s damages for the injuries and suffering, it is often an insurance company or large corporation who is the “defendant,” or the opposing party.

Be aware: an insurance company’s lawyers are well trained, well paid, and going about this process on your own may not be easy.

Our job as your lawyers is to take the weight of legal matters off of your shoulders so you or your loved one can focus on recovering. We take all injuries very seriously. We have seen low-speed car accidents cause significant injuries. While someone may feel embarrassed about a fall, we know that serious damage can be done to your back, knee, or joint that may require months of rehabilitation or surgery.

We understand and we can help. Contact us today by filling out the web form on this page, or call us at (860) 346-2695.

Experienced Personal Injury Representation

The Flood Law Firm was founded by brothers Brian and Christopher Flood to defend victims’ rights and to help them enjoy life to the fullest again. The brothers come from a family of attorneys and enjoyed successful personal injury law careers before establishing their own firm.

The Flood Law Firm team is pleased to also include attorney Alexander K. Bates, who shares the firm’s commitment to providing exceptional legal services and maximizing compensation for their clients.

5 Reasons to Hire a CT Personal Injury Lawyer

connecticut personal injury attorneys

  1. Consulting a lawyer is free, confidential, and if you decide you do not want to pursue a claim, there is no obligation. We are glad to offer case reviews so as a victim you can learn your legal rights and time limits that apply to your case.
  2. That’s right, time limits do apply! Depending on the type of injury and which state it occurred in, there are time limits to filing a case. These time limits, known as the “Statute of Limitations,” do vary, so we encourage you to contact us to learn your available time frame for filing a case.Remember: Not every personal injury case requires legal representation, but it is a good idea to consult a lawyer in certain situations, such as the ones below:
  3. Understand that the other side wants to settle your case quickly. Injuries take time to heal and often require several medical visits. The other party’s insurance company likely wants to settle your case quickly so they are no longer responsible. Settling also means that you waive your rights if your pain or injury worsens. You may be entitled to far more compensation to pay for your medical bills and other expenses, which you may already find are mounting. We have worked on thousands of cases and can help you understand what a fair settlement may be.
  4. Protecting your future medical bills. From surgeries and personal therapy to medications, we can help estimate what your medical needs may be for years to come. We have represented thousands of people who have faced similar injuries and subsequent pain. We can hire medical experts to independently help you understand the healing process, and it’s at no upfront cost to you.
  5. No fees unless we win. Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means there is absolutely no cost to you at any time unless we successfully win your case. Combined with a free consultation that is 100% confidential, we encourage you to contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so we can help you understand your legal rights and how you may be compensated.

4 Simple Questions to Help Select the Best Personal Injury Attorney

When you are in pain and frustrated as an outcome of your accident, it can be hard to make important decisions. Finding the right personal injury lawyer is critical to your claim. To help you with your decision-making process, here are some questions to ask when interviewing an attorney:

Question 1 – What is Their Area of Focus?

With a complex and lengthy maze of laws governing our country and each state, it is impossible for an attorney to have expertise in all of them. Attorneys will focus their work on a handful of legal areas. A personal injury attorney will have the know-how to negotiate against insurance carriers and build your case to get the maximum recovery. Remember, the opposing side’s lawyers are well-trained and well-paid, so be sure to select a lawyer who knows the area of personal injury law.

Question 2 – Do They Go to Trial?

Many lawyers call themselves “trial attorneys,” but the majority of lawyers rarely go to trial. Be sure to ask a few of the following questions:

  • When was the last time the lawyer went to trial?
  • How many trials has the lawyer been lead counsel in over the past 3 years?
  • What is their win/loss record?

A good trial lawyer is confident and even proud to answer all of your questions. A lawyer who does not go to trial will likely show it in their responses. You get one chance to file a personal injury lawsuit; be sure your legal representation is the best for your case.

The Flood Law Firm was founded on the principle that all cases should be considered for trial if the opposing side is not willing to cooperate and compensate our client fairly and justly.

Question 3 – Are They Reputable?

Your case is more likely to get you the outcome you deserve if it is handled by an attorney with a good reputation among courthouse officials, other trial lawyers and is well-known by insurance companies.

Reputable lawyers will often reference existing cases, previous success, and testimonials. Having a reputable lawyer that the defense knows is willing to fight on your behalf can work to your case’s advantage in reducing delays and helping you recover monetary compensation faster.

Question 4 – The Question for You – How do you feel about the lawyer?

Some attorneys have a strong track record in winning compensation for clients, but may be more interested in numbers than the actual people they help. It’s important to feel comfortable with the attorney representing you. It is also important that you will be able to reach the lawyer should you have a question regarding your accident or medical care. These assurances will give you peace of mind during your legal proceedings and make the whole process less stressful.

Types of Personal Injury Accident Cases We Handle

The Flood Law Firm is here to put their experience in winning personal injury cases to the test for you. Some of the types of personal injury cases we take on are:

Car Accidents – Americans are known to spend more time in their car than any other country. Unfortunately, we are nearly assured to be in a vehicle accident at some point in our lives. If another driver’s carelessness caused your accident, you have the right to pursue damages against them.

Motorcycle Accidents – Motorcyclist have every right to be on the road, but unfortunately are often overlooked by other drivers. When a rider is in a wreck, their chances are much higher for injuries or the worst case, death. Let us help you get we you deserve.

Medical Malpractice – Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers provide an essential service and usually do so with the utmost professionalism. However, hospitals are businesses with profit margins as well. When substandard care results in complications, victims may initiate a medical malpractice suit.

Wrongful Death – Losing a loved one is one of the most horrible experiences we can ever go through. If the passing of a family member was due to another person or party’s negligence, you may have rights for a wrongful death claim.

Dog Attacks/Dog Bites – It can sometimes be difficult for the victim to initiate a dog bite or attack case since often there is an established relationship with the pet owner. Other times, there are issues of trespassing, or a child is involved to complicate matters further. An attack by any animal is a serious matter, requires immediate medical attention, and legal representation.

Premises Liability – By law, property owners are to keep their premises safe for visitors. Injuries sustained on a property, if basic safety precautions were not made, can be the basis for a premise liability claim. Common areas where premises liability claims may arise from include stores, malls, hotels, and areas that need adequate security to ensure a visitor’s safety.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – When a blunt force strikes the head, it can cause a TBI. These range in severity, producing symptoms that can be temporary and minor to lifelong cognitive impairments. Frequently, a traumatic brain injury may be sustained during car wrecks, trucking accidents, assaults, or slip and falls.

Defective Pharmaceuticals and Medications – We take prescription drugs under the faith that they will alleviate symptoms or cure us of sickness. Injuries from a dangerous prescription drug can be compensated in a lawsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury Claims

How do I know if I have a personal injury case?

Contacting a personal injury lawyer and setting up a free consultation to assess your situation is the best way to determine whether or not you have a personal injury case. The attorney will be able to inform you of whom you can sue and what you can expect to recover based on the facts of the incident and the laws of the state.

How long do I have to file a personal injury case?

This will depend on the statute of limitations in your state. In most situations, filing a personal injury case may be done within a year of the incident, or even up to four years. It is recommended that you check the rules in your state so that you do not accidentally waive your rights. As a general rule, you should try and pursue the claim as soon as possible while memory and evidence are still fresh.

How much is my personal injury case worth?

This is dependent upon the nature of your injuries and cannot be totaled until your case has been investigated thoroughly. You are welcome to ask a personal injury lawyer for a rough estimate, based on similar cases that they have handled. You should also be aware that any estimate provided will likely be vague, since lawyers are prohibited from promising that they will recover certain amounts or making predictions regarding the outcome of your case.

How long will it take to settle my personal injury claim?

Most personal injury cases do not go to trial. They usually end in settlements with the defendant or an insurance company. Unfortunately, this time frame is difficult to predict as to when a settlement can be reached. Generally, a claim that involves substantial injuries and considerable amounts of money will take longer to settle because there is more at stake.

Do I need a lawyer for a personal injury case?

While there are examples of simple cases in which an attorney was not necessary, it is generally recommended that you hire a personal injury lawyer to review your case. Certain elements, such as expert testimony, require experienced litigation and may be too complex to handle without the expertise of an attorney.

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