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Connecticut Dog Bite Attorney

Dogs are, by far, the animals responsible for the most attacks against humans. Sadly, the victims of dog bites are commonly children. Children make up half of the estimated 4.5 million dog bites each year.

If you or your child has suffered from a dog attack, speak to our experienced Connecticut dog bite lawyers to learn about your legal right to compensation.

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An investigation must determine if the dog was a known threat to the public, if it bit anyone in the past, or if the dog’s owner was negligent. Even if a dog has not exhibited violent tendencies before, you may still hold the owner of the dog liable.

Connecticut Dog Bite Laws

In Connecticut, a dog’s owner must pay for any damage caused by the dog to a person’s body or property. When a dog attack occurs, you can hold the dog owner accountable.

Recovering Compensation

The long-term injuries that can result from an animal bite might mean ongoing pain and a decrease in the quality of life. A person severely bitten by a dog may require physical therapy to rehabilitate them – not to mention the expenses of this care. Some people may even need counseling due to the trauma of the attack.

As part of our investigation of a dog bite claim, we call upon medical experts to determine the severity of injuries and their impact on a person’s life. Compensation awarded as part of a claim can pay for medical costs for ongoing care.

Protect Your Legal Rights

If you or your child was injured by a bite from a dog or other domestic animal, contact an experienced Connecticut dog bite attorney to fight for your rights. You may recover compensation. A claim does not undo the damage, but a monetary reward can help with your family’s future financial security after suffering such a terrible ordeal.

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