Car Accident Negligence

Posted On October 28, 2016 In Uncategorized
The term “car accident negligence” is a specific legal term used to describe who may be at fault in a car accident or collision. It’s a term that is often Googled since there are different forms of negligence and how it may affect your insurance claim. The truth is that negligence is a tricky...

What Happens To Teenagers After A Car Accident

Posted On October 27, 2016 In Uncategorized
Even if your teenager is a responsible driver, parental instincts kick in every time your young driver leaves home. Several of us at The Flood Law Firm are parents, so we know the feeling. Do you have a kid involved in a teenager car crash? On this page Facts about Teenage Drivers Teen Driver...

Do You Need an Attorney If Someone Crashed into You?

Posted On October 4, 2016 In Personal injury
Over the years, the attorneys at The Flood Law Firm have handled hundreds of car accident cases and have heard just about every question a car crash victim can ask. We are always happy to talk to car crash victims and help them understand their rights. Even in a situation where the crash was...

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