Daylight Savings Time Ends and Standard Time Brings More Darkness…..and Pedestrian Accidents: How to Protect Your Kids

Posted On October 29, 2017 In Personal injury
No Time for Driver Negligence The end of Daylight Savings Time (DST) in New England comes on the heels of Halloween, after the topic of child pedestrian safety is still fresh in the minds of many parents. The time change also shrouds neighborhoods in the afternoon and evening hours with dark skies, when children...

Chronic Neck Pain Following an Injury

Posted On October 12, 2017 In Personal injury
Are You Still Suffering From Whiplash Neck Pain? It’s quite common to experience some type of neck pain and stiffness following a car accident. Just the sheer force of impact can cause the entire body to tighten, let alone cause neck injuries that may not become evident for days, weeks, even months after the...

Seeing a Doctor After Your Accident Even if You Feel Fine

Posted On October 5, 2017 In Personal injury
What do you do following a car accident? While the immediate steps may come to mind – pulling off to the side of the road, filing a police report and exchanging insurance information with the other parties – what about your injuries? It can be easy to disregard them in the confusion and shock,...

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