How to Prevent Nursing Home Abuse

Posted On October 26, 2021 In Nursing Home Abuse
You and your family did the research. After countless hours and a lot of soul searching, you feel reasonably confident that you found a safe and reputable nursing home to care for your aging family member. Careful selection of the facility is the best defense against nursing home abuse before a loved one is...

What Is the Strict Liability Standard in Dog Bite Claims?

Posted On October 19, 2021 In Dog Bites
In personal injury law, strict liability is a legal standard that holds a party accountable for injury and damages whether negligence was a factor or not. The party or parties in question can be held liable regardless of whether they exercised sufficient care to prevent harm to others. Connecticut has instituted a strict liability...

What to Do If You Are Rear-Ended

Posted On October 5, 2021 In Car Accidents
Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of accidents involving motor vehicles. The consequences of a driver hitting you from behind can vary in seriousness from a fender-bender to a life-altering crash. Schedule A Free Consultation In the aftermath of a rear-end car accident, you will ideally be able to take steps at...

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