Dog Bites

How Do You Win a Dog Bite Case?

Posted On June 15, 2022 In Dog Bites
Dog bite injuries are serious. If you have been bitten by a dog, you may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries and the damages you incur. A Connecticut dog bite injury lawyer can help. Before you talk to an attorney, however, there are important steps you can take on your own to...

What to Do After a Dog Bite Injury

Posted On April 19, 2022 In Dog Bites
Dog bites should always be taken seriously. In addition to seeking prompt medical attention, you should also explore your legal rights as soon as you can after a dog bite injury. The Flood Law Firm has extensive experience handling dog bite claims. Our dog bite injury attorneys can review your case for free and...

What Is the Strict Liability Standard in Dog Bite Claims?

Posted On October 19, 2021 In Dog Bites
In personal injury law, strict liability is a legal standard that holds a party accountable for injury and damages whether negligence was a factor or not. The party or parties in question can be held liable regardless of whether they exercised sufficient care to prevent harm to others. Connecticut has instituted a strict liability...

Are Owners Liable for Unprovoked Dog Attacks?

Posted On April 19, 2021 In Dog Bites
With proper training and the right owners, most dogs are docile and non-aggressive. However, the animal instinct can emerge when dogs feel threatened, scared, or sense danger to their territory or family. Liability in a dog bite claim can be a complex issue. The dog’s owner may claim that you provoked the dog into...

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