Car Accidents

How Long Does a Car Accident Lawsuit Take to Settle?

Posted On February 6, 2023 In Car Accidents
A car accident lawsuit may be resolved in your favor in a couple of different ways. By far the most common outcome is a settlement agreement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This may be achieved without filing a lawsuit, although filing a lawsuit may be necessary to make the insurer take your claim...

Who Is Most Often at Fault in a Rear-End Collision?

Posted On January 19, 2023 In Car Accidents
Rear-end collision fault is a common topic of concern among those who have been in car accidents. It is also the source of misconceptions that can make it difficult to know your legal rights after a crash. Generally speaking, the driver in back will be found at fault for a rear-end collision. However, liability...

Can You Sue Someone for Road Rage?

Posted On January 3, 2023 In Car Accidents
A road rage accident is a frightening experience. It’s bad enough when a driver hits you due to carelessness. When motorists try to intimidate you, harass you, or even do you harm and an accident occurs as a result, the outcome can be catastrophic. The good news is that victims of road rage accidents...

Can You Negotiate a Settlement with an Insurance Company?

Posted On December 7, 2022 In Car Accidents
It is generally in your best interest to have an auto insurance claim lawyer handle interactions with the insurance company after an accident. This is especially true when it comes to negotiating a settlement. Most auto insurance claims after an accident are resolved via settlement. However, to obtain the compensation you deserve, it is...

How Is a Hit and Run Covered by Insurance?

Posted On November 28, 2022 In Car Accidents
A hit-and-run claim is among the most difficult types of accident cases. Understandably, the victims of hit-and-run accidents often feel anger and frustration that the driver fled the scene. It can also be challenging to bring a claim for injuries and damages after a hit and run. The Flood Law Firm can help you...

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