Can You Negotiate a Settlement with an Insurance Company?

Can You Negotiate a Settlement with an Insurance Company?

It is generally in your best interest to have an auto insurance claim lawyer handle interactions with the insurance company after an accident. This is especially true when it comes to negotiating a settlement.

Most auto insurance claims after an accident are resolved via settlement. However, to obtain the compensation you deserve, it is often necessary to have an experienced car accident attorney handle the negotiations on your behalf.

An auto insurance claim lawyer at The Flood Law Firm can negotiate a fair car accident settlement on your behalf. If the insurance company won’t play fair, we can also take your case to trial and fight for a favorable result. Call us at (860) 346-2695 today for a FREE consultation.

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How Does an Auto Insurance Claim Work?

Settlement negotiations are just part of the process of filing an insurance claim after a car accident. Actions brought against an at-fault driver’s insurance are known as third-party claims (the third party being the other driver’s insurance company).

The process of negotiating a settlement may begin in one of two ways:

  1. The insurance company contacts you with an offer to settle.
  2. You file a third-party claim with the insurance company for the at-fault driver.

1. The Insurance Company Makes You an Offer

Insurance companies investigate accidents quickly. Their goal is to identify who is at fault as soon as possible. If it is determined that an insured driver caused the accident, the insurance company may contact the victim directly and offer a settlement before the victim even has a chance to think about filing a claim.

The insurance company wants you to take this early settlement. Most likely, the offer will be for much less than your case is actually worth. If you accept, the insurance company ends up paying less than it probably would have had you brought a claim on your own and/or consulted a lawyer before agreeing to the settlement.

2. You File an Accident Claim

Alternatively, accident victims can file their own third-party insurance claim. You can make a claim on your own or with the assistance of an auto insurance claim lawyer (which, as you will see below, is probably the better choice).

Can I Negotiate an Auto Insurance Settlement Myself?

Many people think that obtaining a settlement after an auto accident should be easy. After all, the other driver was in the wrong, so his insurance company should pay up. Right?

It would be nice if the process was this simple, but it usually doesn’t work this way. Even if the other driver was 100% at fault, insurers will try to find some excuse for not paying what you deserve for your injuries and damages from the accident. This may include undervaluing your losses, disputing liability, and even accusing you of being partly or fully responsible for the crash.

Most people are not equipped to handle the tactics used by insurance companies, especially if they were seriously injured or lost a loved one in an auto accident. Although there is no requirement to hire an attorney to deal with the insurance company, having an auto insurance claim lawyer on your side increases the likelihood of a fair settlement while providing you the peace of mind you need.

How Lawyers Handle Settlement Negotiations

Just like the insurance company, your attorney will begin by fully investigating the accident. Unlike the insurance company, the lawyer’s priority will be to represent your best interest. This includes collecting evidence of fault on the other driver’s part, reviewing medical records to gain a full understanding of your injuries, and calculating all of the damages you have suffered.

Auto insurance claim lawyers use this information to create a demand letter. This letter is sent to the insurance company and outlines the following:

  • The circumstances of the accident
  • Allegations of fault against the other driver
  • Your demand for compensation

If the insurance company accepts liability for the accident and is willing to negotiate, the carrier will make a settlement offer that is less than you demand. Discuss this offer with your attorney carefully, as you will not be able to pursue additional compensation once you agree to a settlement.

Multiple rounds of negotiations between your lawyer and the insurance company will likely take place before a fair settlement is reached. If the negotiations come to an impasse, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit and (ultimately) go to trial.

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As you can see, negotiating a favorable settlement on your own after a car accident is extremely difficult. Lawyers at The Flood Law Firm are experienced negotiators with a proven record of holding negligent drivers and insurance companies accountable.

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