Slip and Fall Accidents

How Long After a Slip and Fall Can You Sue in CT?

Posted On January 27, 2023 In Premises Liability,Slip and Fall Accidents
A Connecticut slip and fall attorney can help if you were injured in a fall on someone else’s property. One of the most important considerations is how long you have to make a claim. Connecticut law only allows a limited time to pursue compensation after a slip and fall accident. The Flood Law Firm...

Who Is Liable Under Premises Liability?

Posted On October 5, 2022 In Premises Liability,Slip and Fall Accidents
A premises liability lawyer can help if you are injured on another’s property. One of the major responsibilities of a premises liability lawyer is identifying who is responsible for your injuries and damages. Liability is a complex issue in these cases. An experienced attorney can determine who is responsible for the condition of the...

What Should You Do After a Slip and Fall?

Posted On August 29, 2022 In Slip and Fall Accidents
Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere. From a friend or family member’s property to commercial premises to land owned by the government, lawful visitors can suffer serious injuries due to a wide range of slipping and tripping hazards. You have rights if you slipped and fell due to a dangerous condition on someone...

How Can I Prove Negligence in a Slip and Fall Case?

Posted On May 3, 2022 In Slip and Fall Accidents
You are not automatically entitled to compensation if you are injured in a slip and fall accident on someone else’s property. To recover damages, you must prove that one or more parties are at fault for your injuries. As a rule, liability for a slip and fall accident rests with (1) the owner of...

Who Is Liable for a Slip and Fall Accident?

Posted On March 8, 2022 In Slip and Fall Accidents
Falls are one of the most common causes of accidental injury. Although many people assume that they slip and fall because they are clumsy, the reality is that the negligence of a property owner or an occupant on the premises often results in these accidents. It is important to consult a slip and fall...

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