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Neck Injuries – Soft Tissue Damage

If you are suffering from a neck injury, please seek advice or treatment from medical experts and doctors who specialize in neck injuries. These types of injuries can lead to systemic injuries and long-term challenges to your health as a whole, so it is important to speak with a medical professional.

What Do Neck Injury Symptoms Mean After a Car Accident? | The Flood Law Firm

Our attorneys at The Flood Law Firm have worked with plaintiffs who have experienced difficulty recovering from neck injuries and have compiled a list of issues that may arise from car crash injuries. But remember, only qualified medical professionals can give you the information necessary for your recovery. The following topics are covered in this article:

Due to complications that may arise from neck injuries, this list of problems only includes some of the physical issues that may arise from injuries sustained in an auto collision. Since your neck is once of the most vulnerable parts of your body, complications can lead to long-term health problems that do not manifest themselves fully until years after a car accident. By then, even if you are able to trace the source of your health issues back to a car accident neck injury, it is often too late for you to take any action. Being informed of possible long-term effects of neck injuries may be valuable to your well-being.

Common Neck Injuries After Car Accidents

Neck injuries after a car accident may not only cause pain in your neck, but may also become noticeable in other parts of your body. Here are several common neck injuries that take place after car accidents:

  • Muscle spasms (e.g. “crick in the neck”) – Straining the ligaments around “facet” joints in each pair of neck vertebrae
  • Lacerations or abrasions – Open wounds create risk of infection; deeper cuts cause damage to tendons and ligaments
  • Whiplash (including whiplash associated disorders) – Sudden back-and-forth motion affects the cervical ligament at the base of the neck
  • Soft tissue damage – Involves any injury that is not directly to the bone, but instead to muscles, tendons or ligaments
  • Vocal cord damage, including paralysis – Caused by impact to the larynx
  • Brain injuries – Injury to arteries in neck can restrict blood flow to the brain
  • Paresthesia (tingling or burning sensation on skin with no apparent cause) – Caused by slipped disc landing on a nerve root
  • Mental or emotional disorders – Results from damage to nerves in the cervical spine

Be aware that it is possible to sustain more than one of these neck injuries from a car accident. Some even result from each other. For example, whiplash left untreated can lead to psychiatric issues down the road among other complications that may require re-hospitalization.

Soft Tissue Damage

Neck injuries after a car accident that involve soft tissue damage are frequently known to not only persist long after the accident, but they can also cause complications that make it necessary to seek ongoing medical care.Connecticut Auto Accident Injury Whiplash

  • Whiplash is the most recognized form of soft tissue damage from a car accident. This extremely common injury is often treated incorrectly by medical staff; sometimes it is completely overlooked. A doctor may diagnose whiplash as a neck sprain or strain, but those terms include other types of neck injuries and may not adequately address the myriad symptoms.
  • “Whiplash associated disorders” indicates a more severe and chronic condition that may involve mental or emotional issues as well as persistent physical symptoms such as back problems or severe headaches.
  • Other kinds of soft tissue damage include strains, sprains, or tears to the tendons and ligaments in any part of the body.

In some cases, car accident neck injuries have been connected to cervical spine damage, thoracic and/or lumbar back pain, chronic headaches, and even paresthesia of the limbs.

Vocal Cord Paralysis

The larynx, or voicebox, is an organ that lies directly behind the Adam’s apple of the throat. When a car accident results in an impact to the larynx, it may affect your ability to speak or even breathe.

Paralysis of the vocal cords is a serious neck injury that is poorly understood by most physicians. If not treated properly and in a timely fashion, vocal cord paralysis can be permanent.

Symptoms of Long Term Neck Injury

Neck injury after a car accident involves a lot more than pain and stiffness. If left untreated, neck injuries can result in chronic and systemic health conditions that affect everything about your daily life, from your ability to do your job to your mental and emotional health.Whiplash-Car-Accident-Injury

Some of the symptoms of long-term neck injury include:

  • Jaw pain
  • Limited range of motion
  • Paraspinal muscle tightness
  • Muscle spasms
  • Pain between the shoulders
  • Low back pain
  • Chronic headache
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Dizziness/vertigo
  • Blurred vision
  • Inner ear problems/nausea
  • Numbness in upper limbs
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Swelling inside the neck and throat
  • Infections or abscesses

If you are experiencing symptoms of a neck injury after a car accident, you should immediately seek the help of a physician, especially one who specializes in cases of car accidents or neck and spine injuries. Your best hope of recovery is in working with a knowledgeable doctor who accurately understands your symptoms and understand the long-term repercussions they could have.

Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyer

If you decide to pursue a claim for a neck injury after a car accident, you should know that injuries of the neck can be very difficult to prove. Tears, strains, and other kinds of soft tissue damage do not show up on an X-ray. Furthermore, many in the medical community do not understand or even fully recognize whiplash as a legitimate condition.

File a Neck Injury Claim

This makes it all the more frustrating to seek medical care in the months and years after a car accident. When you cannot afford to have a specialist diagnose your condition and create a plan for your recovery, the effects of your car accident neck injury become a new and painful way of life.

To receive the best possible care for your car accident neck injury, it is often necessary to seek financial compensation from the person or party who caused your car accident. But in order to prove the severity of your injuries, you will need to understand the details of how the law applies in your case. You will also need the support of medical experts who have dealt with symptoms like yours and experienced car accident attorneys to fight for you.

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The Flood Law Firm has years of experience in fighting for the rights of car accident neck injury victims like you. We have unparalleled expertise in the specific car accident laws of Connecticut. We also understand the pain you are going through, and we are here to help you understand the legal options that are available to you.

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