8 Best Apps for Driving

8 Best Apps for Driving
driving apps

The smartphone has revolutionized our lives, and that certainly includes our time on the road. There is a bevy of driving-related apps out there that do everything from helping you find a parking space to ensuring you get a fair price on car repair.
Below are some of our favorite driving apps that can help save you time and money, but please remember: do not use your smartphone while driving a vehicle. Distracted driving is a serious and widespread problem, responsible for an estimated 430,000 injuries a year. If you are driving and want to use one of these apps, let a passenger take care of it for you, or wait until you are parked in a safe location to use your phone. It is not worth getting into a car accident over.

Fueling Up

1. GasBuddy

This handy app allows you to find the gas stations serving up the cheapest gas. Simply enter your location and you’ll receive a list of gas prices in the area. Prices are submitted by GasBuddy users, who are incentivized to post prices with the chance of winning a prize.
Price: Free
Available On: iOS

2. PlugShare

Electric car drivers, you haven’t been forgotten! This app locates places you can charge up your vehicles. PlugShare has mapped out over 40,000 charging stations worldwide for your convenience. Connecticut alone has over 300 public EV charging stations. What’s more, you can pay for your charge with the app. How’s that for easy?
Price: Free
Available On: iOS, Android


3. Parkopedia

Ever get frustrated trying to find a parking spot? Let us introduce you to your new best friend. Parkopedia is basically a huge encyclopedia of over 25 million parking spaces in nearly 30 countries. You’ll never have to waste time circling and circling for a spot again.
Price: $1.99
Available On: iOS

4. Find My Car

This app is for those of us too busy to remember where we park our car… and for those of us prone to being absentminded. This popular app relies on GPS services and Internet connectivity to help you track down your car when you’re walking around thinking, “Gee, I thought I parked it right here.”
Price: Free
Available On: iOS, Android

5. Honk

This is another great solution for the busy or forgetful. Honk shows you where your car is parked and the amount of time left on the parking meter. Why waste cash on pesky parking tickets handed out by the meter maid ever again?
Price: Free
Available On: iOS, Android

Vehicle Performance & Maintenance

6. GoPoint

This app allows you to easily gauge your car’s efficiency. GoPoint provides measurements on performance metrics such as engine RPMs, engine load value, engine coolant temperature and fuel economy to keep your car running at its best.
Price: Free
Available On: iOS

7. RepairPal

A word to the wise: don’t go to a car shop, get an estimate and just roll with it. Have a point of reference for about how much labor and parts should be for your job. In the past, you might have had to take your vehicle into a couple of shops, or if you were lucky, ask a friend who was in the know. Now you can rely on RepairPal.
This app offers fair estimates on car work, and will even point you in the direction of recommended shops in the area.
Price: Free
Available On: iOS, Android

Roadside Assistance & Accidents

8. AAA Mobile

AAA members can use this app to get roadside assistance, but you don’t have to be a AAA member though to enjoy the app. It’s travel guide, which highlights the best nearby destinations, is especially helpful on road trips when you’re looking for a nice rest stop or a little adventure.
Price: Free
Available On: iOS, Android

Helping You After a Car Accident

If you do find yourself injured in an accident, The Flood Law Firm is here for you. We have been successfully representing car accident victims for over a decade and want to use our expertise to deliver justice to you.

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