Rear-Ended by Commercial Vehicle in Hartford

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There is no such thing as a minor collision with a large commercial vehicle.  Victims who have been rear-ended by commercial vehicles understand how catastrophic these accidents can be. Any collision with a large commercial truck can lead to serious injuries and death for occupants of smaller passenger vehicles. Our Hartford commercial vehicle attorneys can help you with legal process, and getting the compensation you deserve.

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If you have been seriously injured or a loved one died because a commercial vehicle rear-ended you in Hartford, contact the lawyers at The Flood Law Firm for help. We are here for crash victims when they need us the most.

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Common Injuries After Being Rear-Ended by a Commercial Vehicle

One of the most common types of injuries in a rear-end crash in Connecticut is whiplash. This is a soft-tissue neck injury. However, when a large commercial vehicle – which could weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds – is involved, the resulting injuries could be much more seer.  Injuries in these crashes are often catastrophic and include:

Many commercial vehicle rear-end collisions end up as override accidents. These are crashes where the larger commercial vehicle rolls up and over the smaller passenger car instead of colliding with its rear-end. An override accident can be deadly for occupants of the passenger vehicle, as the commercial truck will crush the smaller car. It’s important to hire an attorney if you have serious or life-changing injuries because of a commercial vehicle rear-end accident in Hartford.

Common Causes of Commercial Vehicle Rear-Ends?

Rear-end accidents are almost always connected to driver negligence. In most cases, a rear-end collision is the rear driver’s fault. The crash might have happened because the commercial driver wasn’t paying enough attention to the road, was texting and driving, speeding, cutting off other drivers, falling asleep behind the wheel, driving drunk, or using improper braking techniques. Operator error or negligence behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle can result in a preventable rear-end collision.

Another common problem that leads to commercial vehicle rear-end accidents, is mechanical failure. A heavy commercial vehicle relies on the abilities of its brake system to avoid rear-end collisions. Poor vehicle maintenance, lack of regular brake inspections, low-quality brake repairs, and defective brakes could contribute to this type of accident. At The Flood Law Firm, we will investigate your rear-end accident to determine how it happened and who is liable for your injuries. Then, we will file a claim against the negligent or responsible party on your behalf.

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Do not accept the first settlement offered to you by an insurance company after being rear-ended by a commercial vehicle in Hartford, CT. You may be left with a settlement that is far below what you need to recover from your injuries and the financial hardship that accompanied them.   Hire an attorney from The Flood Law Firm to help you fight for fair compensation instead. We know how dramatically these accidents can affect victims and loved ones. We will demand the best possible results for you. Talk to our attorneys in Hartford for free today. Contact us online or call (860) 346-2695 for your initial consultation.